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Wherever you go, you can see governments attacking our sport. We're the frog in boiling water - but we aim to stop that.
Dan Repacholi
Imagine if shooters had someone who was a federal MP and gaining the respect of others, and about to compete at the Olympics. Meet Dan Repacholi.
A firearms dealer called for an end to discrimination against the firearms industry - and then had a win!
The WA Nationals look set to release 'bold' pro-gun policies ahead of the 2025 WA State Election. We'd like to help them do that.
NSW registry's decision making process - medical
Would you know what to do if you get a letter taking your licence off you? Here's what you need to know
Parliament House Canberra - we need good laws
Shooters need an organisation that can change attitudes. This will help change how governments deal with us. Find out how you can back us
John Howard
We're putting out great stories that shooters need to hear - and are engaging them in the political process. That's why we're going to break new ground in 2024.
Herald Sun report
Want to know what brought the National Shooting Council down? It all started with a defamatory post. Check out what the Herald Sun reported.
We interview David Leyonhjelm on a book he's writing, politics, and his view on why John Howard did what he did. It's a fascinating look into the shady world of gun control.
We've just published the first two episodes of our new podcast. We cover the gun raids by NSW Police, and catch up with NT shooter, Ron Sterry