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where we live
The Labor and Liberal parties who don't know where shooters live, are missing out key opportunities to win their votes
Wherever you go, you can see governments attacking our sport. We're the frog in boiling water - but we aim to stop that.
WA exemptions
WA's new gun laws will contain exemptions that will allow WAPol to dodge new key requirements
Suzie O'Brien
Herald Sun Journo, Susie O'Brien described shooters as 'gun nuts'. We look at what she said - and offer this open letter to her to explain why she is wrong.
RSPCA CEO Liz Walker
The RSPCA gave a commitment not to advocate against duck hunting - but is now doing just that. We explain what happened.
Dan Repacholi
Imagine if shooters had someone who was a federal MP and gaining the respect of others, and about to compete at the Olympics. Meet Dan Repacholi.
Buyback - Papalia's record
We look at WA's ridiculous buyback prices. If you live in WA, then you need to read this.
A firearms dealer called for an end to discrimination against the firearms industry - and then had a win!
Paul Papalia - WAToday
WAToday has given prominence to our earlier story on the risks that the gun maps released by Paul Papalia created
This survey puts some numbers to what we already thought was the case. .. and the […]