“Every shooter knows we’ve got a political problem. Few know what we can do about it.”

SHOOTING is one of the most diverse activities around. Pistol, rifle and shotgun doesn’t even begin to describe the many, many disciplines that exist underneath them.

That means shooting is so diverse, there are few experts. That means there are many shooting groups who will simply be stretched to be able to congregate to fight bad laws when they arise.

In other words, our diversity helps our enemies ‘divide and conquer’ us.

However, if we put our mind to it, we can beat the ignorance and arrogance that is behind the political problems we have.

My background in the political side of shooting goes back to when an organisation was formed in Victoria, Australia, in 2002 to fight some new bans on handguns.

In fact it started before then, but that was when I met up with the right people with the right political backgrounds.

Unfortunately the job never got completed, although I do believe we were on the right track.

Since then, I helped steer a political party and in more recent years, start a new political lobby group that scored several real victories – but not at the pace that we need.

The inspiration for this site is the acknowledgement that progress to achieving better political outcomes is quite possible. Of course it is.

We just need to develop the right tools, messaging, and way to deliver it so we can, as a community, get the changes we need..

Those changes are about the failings of politicians to do the right thing. It’s about dealing with the ignorance and arrogance they show towards us and getting them to change how they view and deal with us.

I’m confident that with the development of the right approach over time, we can get the changes we need.