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SHOOTERS know what the problem is.

Bad policy, bad laws and bad treatment of shooters shooters ultimately come from governments who see us as a liability for the community. Yet the truth is we’re the best asset they could ever have. 

We provide social, economic and environmental benefits, but that’s not how it comes across.

We’re putting out more and more articles for shooters who help shine the light on what’s happening, and what they can do.

Together we need to educate and fight this negativity towards us.  If we can do that, then that will change our future – for the better.

 That’s why we’re aiming to grow into the organisation that shooters need.  

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The more shooters who become engaged, the more we can do to fight bad policy and bad gun laws.

Here are the benefits of being a subscriber:

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Better information

We put out regular articles, and are now aiming to put out podcasts on an equally regular basis.  In fact we’re aiming to make these weekly!

More active shooters

We’ll help more and more shooters know what’s happening, who to vote for, and what they can do to make themselves count.   The more shooters who see their local MPs, the better off we will be.


Government policies matter because they drive how the public service affects us, and the laws we get.  Better policies will give us better outcomes.

“I was wondering where you were, I felt you were actually doing something and kicking a few goals.”

Happy Customer

Lets get results

Results obviously matter.  

They’re hard, time consuming and expensive to get, but in our case, absolutely necessary. Importantly the results we can get can change the way governments treat us in the future.

Here’s some examples.  Better laws to expand genuine reason.   Better policies that make sure we get consulted on changes to gun laws well before they see the light of day.  Politicians who start to talk about shooters in a positive, rather than negative or suspicious light.

We need to kick more goals.