We fight for shooters. find out HOW.

If you love shooting, you’ll know why we need to fight bad laws and bad policy.


That’s why it needs to be fixed

AS a fellow shooter, you know what the problem is.  

Bad policybad laws and bad treatment of shooters shooters ultimately come from governments who see us as a liability for the community.

Yet the truth is we’re the best asset they could ever have. 
We provide social, economic and environmental benefits, but that’s not how it comes across.

That’s where we come in…

Our latest news

Left-wing politicians in California have just slapped an 11% tax on firearms and ammo. It's a move we hope we won't see happen here.
Floreat shooting - image of ABC headline
WA Police chose to ignore the warning. Then Labor chose to politicise what happened. Now they need to be exposed for their mishandling
Roger Cook - headline
The West Australian published the maps that helps with home invasions - now it's trying to create alarm over licenced shooters.
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