Herald Sun report

The Herald Sun has run a story on what brought the National Shooting Council down.  Check out the story

Plots, conspiracies and scams – or just plain wrong?  What the Herald Sun said

If you wanted to know why you’re no longer hearing from the National Shooting Council, then here’s your answer (see below).

If you’ve come across these crazy stories about theft, scams, plots and other social media attacks, then this article from the Herald Sun helps put them to bed.

Herald Sun’s accurate story

The article is accurate, although there are a couple of things worth clarifying.

Foremost is that as the article states, the NSC’s accounting system is not being used.

This started when two directors left in August, leaving it to the current management to look after.

There are also around 15 other systems are also not being used, such as the membership system, email system and website even though a handover was offered (but not accepted).

These systems can no longer be rescued because the various subscriptions have expired, taking the data with them.

It became a House of Cards.



Claim of police investigation

The other is that the story indicates Victoria Police is ‘investigating reports’.

It is our understanding that this relates to a complaint lodged with them several months ago – and that’s about a far as it looks like going.

Just like a journalist should

WE’D LIKE to thank the journalist, Mark Buttler, for this article. Mark is an award-winning journalist with over 25 years at the Herald Sun.

It is therefore telling that while he has never had cause to block any phone numbers on his phone, now he has. We’ll let you guess why.

How did Buttler know about the social media posts?

He happen to see them like anyone else…

Article on infighting in National Shooting Council

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