If you were a member of the National Shooting Council and are wondering what happened, then check this out


SHOOTERS AROUND AUSTRALIA who backed the National Shooting Council, are no doubt wondering what happened to it.  

The last emails they received would have been around August , the website is gone and the Facebook page has not been updated in months.

Well, the NSC collapsed. The founding director and one other director left after internal strife, and as you will see from this recent article from the Herald Sun, the place is now a mess. 

That founding director, Neil Jenkins, who set the NSC up and produced the outcomes you loved, has now set up Politics Reloaded (this site) to continue the good work for shooters around Australia.

Check out the story which explains what happened in more detail. However life must go on, and we’d like to help any NSC member who got caught up in this

We don’t know who they are (as we don’t have access to any of their systems), but if you were a member, sign up with us for a year’s subscription ($30 per annum) for half price. 

You can sign-up by  clicking here

Enter 15OFF in “enter discount code”  area below the price on the right hand side, to get your membership half price

This offer is valid until 31 December.

In addition to our regular stories, legal actions and voting advice, you’ll also get our regular podcasts – which we’re aiming to make weekly from 2024!

Then we can keep on going after the real enemy.

Article on infighting in National Shooting Council