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2024. This will be the year to push back on politicians.

2024: A new year. A new opportunity

POLITICS RELOADED will be using 2024 to meet the political needs of shooters going forward.

We’re doing this by producing content that brings them the news they need to hear – and helps them to voice their views to politicians. 

The more we use the political process to get our politicians to change the way they deal with us, the sooner it could happen.

The current approach is leading the media on the wrong path which influences the public in ways that put us in a negative, defensive light.

Worse still, this approach is deliberate.  There is nothing more attractive to a politician than having an enemy to go after, whether they are real or imagined. 

Shooters have been facing this problem for well over 40 years.  This will take years – many years – to undo, but we’re convinced it can happen.

Progress through innovation and campaigns

We’re doing this with new technologies and dynamic strategies to anticipate and take action before issues become problems.

Gun buyback 2024We’re using social media and interactive campaigns on a continual basis to make more and more shooters aware of what can be done. 

That way, we’ll use the numbers to get the message to our politicians that they need to take our concerns and interest into account.

It means being proactive – and never being caught flat-footed again.

2024: Change the narrative

We want to use 2024 to push for a key change in the way politicians talk about us. 

Banner for Guns and Crime

That’s because whenever the issue of gun laws comes up, it’s often about ‘Guns & Crime’

That is, the reaction to an issue about guns usually starts with talking about  more restrictions.

The interests of real shooters come a poor second

It needs to be the other way around.

The conversation we have with politicians needs to be about ‘Guns & Sport’ with the needs of shooters taking centre stage. It’s something they need to understand and learn, if we are to change how they talk about us.

The interests of criminals needs to be treated separately – and a matter of enforcement rather than simply more laws.

Why? Because there are 900,000 of us out there – and we DO matter.

We’ve got the track record

Politics Reloaded was created by the people who helped shape the Combined Firearms Council of Victoria and then set up and ran the National Shooting Council.

We’ve got a great track record for getting results. 

We’ve run and won legal actions, we’ve used the media to expose bad government behaviour, and we’re engaging with our politicians to get the changes we need.

That’s why Politics Reloaded will work – but we’re using smarter tools.

Looking forward

We’ll  continue to get the stories affecting shooters to you throughout 2024.   That’ll include regular articles, and podcasts on a regular, almost weekly, basis.

That’s why we’re looking forward to the challenge

Politics Reloaded is about to become the political organisation you’ve always hoped to see.

It’s only a matter of time before we get there.

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