A large gun control group in Western Australia says it
proposed a tax on shooters … but it never did …

The proposal to tax shooters

LATE LAST YEAR  a group of gun control advocates told our federal MPs that they had proposed a $10 tax on shooters in Western Australia to fund more ‘researchers’.

It was a greedy proposal to fund more anti-gun advocates to make life even more difficult for shooters in that state.

We started digging into this including seeking documents relating to that proposal.

WA – a canary in the mine for the rest of Australia

Western Australia is a hotbed of political action for shooters in that state because they are bringing in more restrictions for shooters there. The concern that shooters elsewhere in Australia have is the potential for this to spread to other Australian states.

WA has already banned several larger hunting calibres and guns and are looking at mandating mental health checks for every shooter, regardless of whether they have just gotten their licence or are renewing.

That’s why what’s happening in WA is such a problem.

Hot air

HOWEVER the response we have from the WA government points to the Alliance’s proposal as being a fiction.

Our enquiries show that a search by government staff shows “no documents” that related to either the proposal, the author, or the organisation.

It’s a fib …..

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