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Wherever you go, you can see governments attacking our sport. We're the frog in boiling water - but we aim to stop that.
Suzie O'Brien
Herald Sun Journo, Susie O'Brien described shooters as 'gun nuts'. We look at what she said - and offer this open letter to her to explain why she is wrong.
RSPCA CEO Liz Walker
The RSPCA gave a commitment not to advocate against duck hunting - but is now doing just that. We explain what happened.
This survey puts some numbers to what we already thought was the case. .. and the […]
Small, unknown gun control advocates have accused major shooting interests in the UK of 'skewing' consultation on gun laws
Major health organisations are backing a gun control organisation that has just been caught out on a fib
Boston University has decided to use 'warm weather' as a reason for requiring more gun controls.
One thing that you would think a gun control expert would be is an expert in gun control.