In this story, we tell you how university researchers have stooped to a new low by conflating heatwaves, with warm weather, to gun control. 

All orchestrated by gun control advocates.

Heatwaves and gun crime

THERE’S PROBABLY no argument that heatwaves can lead to higher crime more broadly. They make people uncomfortable and highly irritable.

In 1977, blackouts in New York led to widespread crime, with looting and fires being the main problem. Plus who can forget the LA riots in 1992 that went on for five days?

… and then there’s plain ol’ warm weather …

However, researchers at Boston University who undertook this study, aren’t talking about heatwaves or crime.

They’re talking about ‘warm weather’ and focussing only on guns. How do we know? Because the title of the media release was titled:

“Warm days are contributing to gun violence surge across the US”

In a rapid narrowing of it’s focus to warm days and guns, the article says ‘researchers’ have explored the link between the two. They said their study

“found a consistent relationship between higher temperatures and higher risk of shootings in 100 of the country’s most populated cities”

True colours

The study then starts to reveal more about it’s motive. Further down in the university’s media release it says:

“Gun violence is the leading cause of death among children and teens, and this violence has worsened substantially during the pandemic. As climate change threatens to raise daily temperatures even more, the researchers say these findings underscore the need for ongoing policies and programs that acclimate communities to heat and mitigate the risk of heat-attributable gun violence.”

In other words, the focus shifted from warm days to a general commentary about a pandemic – and then back to the weather.

Moving onto gun control

The article then moves away from the weather, and into gun policy by stating

“We know that segregation and disinvestment lead communities of color, especially Black communities, to have greater exposure to adverse environmental conditions that contribute to gun violence risk, such as abandoned buildings, liquor stores, lack of green space, and more intense urban heat islands”

.. and funded by?

The story says:

“The researchers will next study differences in heat-related gun violence among neighbourhoods, in a project funded by the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research.”

In other words, the study is far from bias. In fact if they looked at the 1977 blackout, they would find there was only one murder that night, and murders in the 1992 riots including people being shot by police and others beaten.

You can see the Boston Uni media release by clicking here.


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