Most firearms registries have had some data breach of some sort. 
Here’s another one

NZ shooters have information leaked

NEW ZEALAND’s newly created Firearms Safety Authority has reportedly leaked details of over a hundred gunowners in Auckland.

Ironically the authority was launched in June with the aim of preventing guns from ending up in the wrong hands by requiring gun dealers to register their sales.

It realises the very fear that many gun owners, and especially advocacy groups have about the use of data by regulators who don’t seem able to handle the data properly.

A rookie error has published this article which says that email addresses of nearly 150 gun owners were sent to each other through the misuse of the cc rather than bcc field in an email sent to the owners.

Similar data leaks have occurred in Australia, including an almost mirror image of this occurred when police in Moreton leaked email addresses of over 500 shooters in that area to each other.

Technically challenged?

Modern databases that are available to the public are quite smart, very secure, and quite cheap. 

Yet firearm registries seem insistent of developing their own systems, and using manual email methods.  That is just plain crazy, dangerous and ignorant of the risks.

This is not the last data leak we’ll be hearing about.

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