The WA Government has released a consultation paper on its proposed new gun laws.  We explain what’s in it – and why you need to make a submission

Submissions are due 14 November

ON 18 OCTOBER, the WA Governments released a consultation paper that explains what changes are in store for the state’s 90,000 licensed shooters.

Responses are due Tuesday 14 November.

Click here to read more about on the WAPol site and
here to download the consultation paper.

Live interstate?

Even if you don’t live in WA, we encourage other shooters to check out the proposed changes – because we don’t want to see WA style gun laws find their way to YOUR state or territory. 

In fact make a submission anyway.

The paper is heavy going

SHOOTERS ACROSS WA are being encouraged by shooting organisations to put submissions in – but there is a problem.

The paper is 60 odd pages and makes for really heavy reading and is written in language only bureaucrats could understand.  Most shooters won’t have the time or patience to wade through it – which means they are unlikely to put something in.  

That’s why we’ve gone through it for you.

Here’s what you need to know

We’ve recorded a podcast that will take you through the main points.

That’s because we haven’t been given much time to read and respond to the paper.

Listening will save you valuable time to understand what is in it.

… all in just 25 minutes!

Click the player below to listen to what we found – and subscribe to our weekly podcast series here.

Don’t put this off “to next week” because that 14 November deadline will come up sooner than you think. Do it NOW.

The short version

The things you were told about by Police Minister Paul Papalia to the media, are in the proposed legislation. 

They include the new limit on the number of guns you can own and requirement for mental health checks.

However there are many important details that will be put into regulations that won’t be made until late next year.  This means you are being asked to comment on proposed legislation that will still leave you wondering about some things.

For example, what does the paper mean when it refers to a “related thing” – and what are the mental health assessments that we were told about a while ago?

We also find some new things that you haven’t been told about – such as:

  • new obligations on gun clubs;
  • the power to deny or renew a firearms licence because of your views  opinions or attitudes, your physical health, your way of living or domestic circumstances;
  • the power of police to specify what targets you can shoot at;
  • the power of police officer to enter any gun club at any time without warrant and require persons to answer questions;
  • vague references to storage cabinets having to have wall thicknesses of at least 4-6mm; and
  • the power to make up new firearm categories, regardless of what the National Firearms Agreement says.

Whether you have a criminal record will now become less important.

In short, there is some really scary stuff in it

That’s why you need to act

If you’re in WA,  you MUST put a submission in.  We know that responding to government papers can be a dry and laborious thing to do, but it’s something you can’t afford not to do.

So we’ve made putting a submission in easy.  We’ve created a template below that will enable to you send an email.

REGARDLESS of whether you get around to putting a submission in on time, we’re urging EVERY shooter in WA to make an appointment to see their local member of parliament. 

Click here to find your local WA MP

The government – and opposition – need to know that treating shooters this way is not acceptable, and can cost them votes.

Twenty minutes spent chatting with your local MP will do that.

Missed the deadline?

If  you’re in WA and miss the November deadline, then STILL MAKE THE APPOINTMENT

That’s because the WA Parliament will still need to debate the bill next year – and YOUR MP WILL BE VOTING ON IT.

Plus, you need to get in their ear about what might go into the regulations that are yet to be made. In other words, you can and must still make an appointment to see your local MP

When you make the appointment, don’t say what the subject matter is. Just say that you are a constituent and have an issue that you would like to discuss with him or her.

Don’t accept a refusal by your local MP to meet with you

“…. but I’m too busy …”

IMAGINE that in five years time, you lose your firearms licence because you have something that affects your ‘physical health’, or that the government has created a new category which moves side-by-side or over-and-under shotguns to a new, more restrictive category.

… and you didn’t do or say anything when you had the chance. 

Imagine this happened because you didn’t want to spend 20 minutes to see your local MP at the time.  

Imagine if that failure resulted in your son or daughter not being able to take up shooting because you didn’t speak up…

Don’t put yourself in that position. 

UNLESS YOU ARE 100% HAPPY with what the new laws will be, MAKE A SUBMISSION and SEE YOUR LOCAL MP.

… and hassle your friends and fellow club members to DO THE SAME.

How to make a submission

Even if you live interstate, it’s important that we let the WA Government know why these laws should not be made.

To make a submission, send an email (your submission) to by Tuesday 14 November 2023

Please make sure you copy it to us at so we can keep an eye on what goes in

You can set up your (blank) email by clicking here.

If you would like some content for your email click here to download the text you need (then check your ‘download’ folder).

The submission we created that covers some of the key issues we see, and is deliberately brief.

However you can easily add whatever you want to it

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