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WA exemptions
WA's new gun laws will contain exemptions that will allow WAPol to dodge new key requirements
Donna Adams targets collectors
TasPol is going after antique firearms - and says the best solution is to have them crushed.
NSW registry's decision making process - medical
Would you know what to do if you get a letter taking your licence off you? Here's what you need to know
Lower gun values feared
A big culture shock is on its way to WA shooters who are facing a 50% drop in the value of their guns when new laws come in.
NSW registry's decision making process - medical
A NSW shooter will get his licence back after the NSW registry relied on information it should not have received - and misquoted.
Vic Police Minister oversees shotgun ban
Victoria is set to ban the use of some bolt-action shotguns. It's yet another demonstration of a lack of a decent policy basis - and engagement with shooters.
The consultation paper is heavy going - so we tell you what you need to know. We'll also show you how to make a submission - which you need to do by November 14.
WA is set to impose a 5 gun limit for recreational shooters. No wonder we're political...
Small, unknown gun control advocates have accused major shooting interests in the UK of 'skewing' consultation on gun laws
Age limits on gun ownership in the US are all over the place. It's now arguably easier to own a gun in other English speaking countries.