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We’ve got the latest on Ron’s fight – and an interview.

The cost of saving your neighbour

RON STERRY is a name that will be familiar with many shooters who followed his story when he became the target of attention by NT Police after rescuing his neighbour.

In April 2021, Ron heard a commotion outside his Alice Springs house: he knew his neighbour had been stabbed

ALICE SPRINGS: Urban warzone

The problem is, Alice Springs is known as the stabbing capital of the world, and a basic internet search will show you why its not wise to step outside at night without having some sort of protection.

In fact one comment we saw on the net said the city was a warzone at night – and we’ve seen other article showing why long term residents are leaving the town.

It was quickly apparent to Ron that his neighbour needed help.

The assailant was on the loose and emergency services yet to turn up in what was clearly a dangerous environment.

Ron took one of his rifles a bayonet with him while he gave first aid to the victim – to make sure he didn’t become victim number 2.

All went well. The neighbour survived and the emergency services turned up – but the police then decided to give Ron a hard time.

Getting Ron’s guns back

What followed was a long fight to help Ron fight moves to take his firearms licence off him.

When the matter went to the NT Firearms Appeals Tribunal, Chief Judge, Elizabeth Morris, agreed with NT Police that the law required his licence to be revoked.

However she also felt that the way the law could be applied was unfair and urged the NT Police Minister, Kate Worden, to urgently review the way the NT Firearms Act has been written.

What the Judge told the Minister 

Here’s how Chief Judge Elizabeth Morris explained the problem to Police Minister Worden:

As you can see, she urged the Minister to conduct an “urgent review” of the law as it affected Ron.

Our EXCLUSIVE interview

CHECK OUT our interview with Ron where we run through his story, including the long awaited update to his situation after he took the matter to the NT Supreme Court.

Politics Reloaded is the ONLY place where you’ll get the full story – and it’ll stun you.

We talk about life in Alice Springs, how badly NT Police treated an innocent shooter and why we’re unimpressed that the NT Police Minister seems to dragging her feet on the changes recommended by Judge Morris.

Look forward to more…

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COMING UP:   .. episode 3. We interview someone who has been very, very close to the coal-face of the fight over Victoria’s duck season. 

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