The constitutional arguments over gun rights in the US are obviously well known.
However, lesser known is when the law officers refuse to enforce bad gun laws.

A sheriff you’d love to have

WE ARE BY NO MEANS on the side of those who make gun laws, but when a law is made, there is an expectation that those who are paid to enforce the law.  That’s what they’re paid to do.

Sheriff Kevin Turner

However it’s satisfying to hear when that doesn’t happen, particularly when the law might be unjust, unreasonable, or probably unconstitutional.

In the US state of Illinois, Jo Daviess County Sheriff Kevin Turner (right) announced he would not enforce a new ban on ‘assault weapons’. 

This includes any rifle that can accomodate more than 10 rounds or handguns that can accomodate more than 15.

Turner told the Telegraph Herald that police will not be arresting anyone who has been charged solely for failing to register their guns.

… and a state attorney too

It doesn’t stop there. Jo Daviess County State’s Attorney Chris Allendorf (right) told the Telegraph Herald he and Turner are “in agreement” when it comes to not enforcing the new law.

He said he is not going to make criminals out of people whose only crime is not complying with the new law.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association also opposes the new law.

WHAT we find interesting isn’t so much what the law is, but the fact that we have top law officers stand up for shooters no matter what.

In other countries, police not only use the laws they have to target shooters, but advocate for changes to make them worse.  

… and here we have law officers standing up for shooters.

We wish we could clone them.

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