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SHOOTERS in just about every country can basically tell you the same story: that we have political masters who don’t respect what we do.

Not that we are after respect, but we don’t deserve what we get – which is utter disrespect.

That’s why shooters in the US are fighting for 2A.  It’s why shooters in New Zealand had to fight bad laws after the Christchurch shooting. It’s why Canadian shooters are fighting their handgun bans and why the UK is having a tought time with lead shot. It’s why Australian shooters are fighting ‘appearance’ laws.

These are all different problems in different countries, but they lead to the same conclusion. That conclusion is that most of our problems are caused by politicans who will not take the time to inform themselves.

Either that, or they want to play politics for their own benefit.

Here’s the challenge

THERE are plenty of publications around that delve into these problems on a country by country basis.

We don’t propose to dive into those, but want to cover the issues that can be understood between the various countries. 

That’s because the detail – whether it is lead shot or 2A – is relevant to a specific country, but the story that sits underneath it affects us all.

Bad politicians, biased bureacrats and a public that usually believes what it is fed. That’s what shooters in all countries are up against.

I hope you enjoy this content. I hope it manages to take on a life of it’s own.

It’s not by accident

The need for this discussion has come about from previous journeys in the world of politics. In my case, it’s with political parties and forums in Australia. 

However I have also had the opportunity to have similar discussions with groups in the US, UK and NZ where the problem is rife, and the intention of this magazine to expand that conversation across all five countries.

This is just our first story, so it’s deliberately light on – but will give you an idea of what to expect from us going forward.

Got a story?

Like any good newsletter, we need good content.

If you’ve got a tale about a bad politician that you think could be of interest across the various oceans, drop us a line.

Email us at

Neil Jenkins
Melbourne, Australia



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