What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio program you listen to when you like, like listening to an audio cassette or CD – but on your phone, or computer.

Unlike a cassette, the content is automatically updated as each episode is released, which you can listen to them as soon as they appear.

That means you can listen to our podcast, Gun News Australia, on your way to work or working in the shed

Or you can feed it to your car’s audio system, your computer or laptop.

It’s that easy! – and it’s free

How do you listen to it?

You will need to download a podcast app on your phone, then search for “Gun News Australia” and hit ‘subscribe’.

The app will then download the episodes, so you’ll be ready to start listening to them in a few seconds.

Then, as new episodes become available, your phone will download them automatically. 

Some of the popular apps you can use are below
(we recommend Pocket Casts)