We'll bring you the latest gun news for Aussie shooters

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Suzie O'Brien
Herald Sun Journo, Susie O'Brien described shooters as 'gun nuts'. We look at what she said - and offer this open letter to her to explain why she is wrong.
Buyback - Papalia's record
We look at WA's ridiculous buyback prices. If you live in WA, then you need to read this.
Paul Papalia - WAToday
WAToday has given prominence to our earlier story on the risks that the gun maps released by Paul Papalia created
Paul Papalia - WAToday
WA Police have now admitted that the maps showing shooters' locations 'endangered' public safety and the security of property - namely guns.
Lower gun values feared
A big culture shock is on its way to WA shooters who are facing a 50% drop in the value of their guns when new laws come in.
The NSW police went after gun owners making up the claim that they were after criminals. That's a lie.
Australian Police have taken the gun licence off a guy who provided first aid to a neighbour and saved her life.