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Buyback - Papalia's record
We look at WA's ridiculous buyback prices. If you live in WA, then you need to read this.
Paul Papalia - WAToday
WAToday has given prominence to our earlier story on the risks that the gun maps released by Paul Papalia created
This survey puts some numbers to what we already thought was the case. .. and the […]
Paul Papalia - WAToday
WA Police have now admitted that the maps showing shooters' locations 'endangered' public safety and the security of property - namely guns.
The national firearms registry is being sold to us as the panacea for gun crime. However we show why that isn't the case.
When the NT Police Minister answered a question in Parliament, she said something that caught our attention. Here's an update on changes that our bureaucrats are thinking of making to our gun laws.
WA is set to impose a 5 gun limit for recreational shooters. No wonder we're political...
This WA MP has 6 gun clubs in his area. He wants their vote - but won't speak with their members about gun laws. Here's why shooters need to vote him out.
Political action is necessary, but political initiative is better.
California is set to bring in a new tax for shooters, courtesy of a politician from one of LA's richest areas.